“New Year’s” Resolution and Borlotti Bean Burger

Borlotti Bean Burger

borlotti burger

Most people feel enlightened and ready for a fresh start after Christmas and by New Year they are ready to write down elaborate lists of resolutions. I personally do not get any good rest during the Christmas’ break due to all the pressure of celebrating, getting together and making everyone happy (feeling like myself comes always last in the list). Summer is to me a much better candidate for a real break and I generally feel like I can have a fresh start thereafter. [Read more...]

Spinach And Chickpea Veggie Burger

chickpeas burger

These are some of my favorite veggie burgers ever. And the good news is that they are also extremely easy to make from scratch, using only a few ingredients that is possible to have always at hand.

They are soy-free (I am slightly intolerant to soy, how about you?), gluten-free, packed with proteins and vitamins and… delicious! (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPE)

Questi sono tra i miei hamburger vegetariani preferiti. Sono facilissimi da fare con pochi ingredienti. Sono senza soia (per la quale ho una lieve intolleranza), senza glutine, ricchissimi di proteine e vitamine e… deliziosi! (SEGUE LA RICETTA)
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