Bread for Breakfast: Easy Multigrain Sourdough

Easy Multigrain Sourdough

Multigrain Sourdough

When you start to get more confident with bread dough, I can guarantee that one day you will find yourself adding a little of this and a little of that to your yeast or sourdough based dough, and that you will become so bold and nonchalant in playing with water and flour that the results will often surprise you. And when you will see that you made the magic of creating something vibrant, beautiful and utterly delicious starting from the muddy mess of unleavened water and flour, you will feel like true bread goddess. [Read more...]

Tartine Bread Experiment’s City Bread In Light Spelt: An Act Of Love, A Thing Of Beauty

city bread in light spelt

All right. This feels almost like a coming out. Yes, I have a secret. And it has to do with me “secretly” exchanging correspondence with another fellow food blogger. No, not ANY fellow food blogger. Another bread-nerd fellow food blogger. Actually, I have been writing with plenty of fellow food bloggers and some of them are bread nerds like me. But this very bread nerd, or in nicer terms a virtuous of home bread baking, did something which I will never forget. Getting curious? (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE COMPLETE STORY AND BREAD METHOD – anche in italiano).
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Durum Wheat Bread

durum bread

This was my coming home, unassuming, loaf made under a strong jetlag insomnia and with a starter which suffered like me all the troubles of a long-distance flight.

Once back home, the first bread I wanted after weeks of artisan bread deprivation was a “neutral” white sourdough that could be enjoyed by all of us (my family does not share my love for hearty loaves) and which could go well with each meal of the day.

I also wanted something nourishing and healthy, so I added to my organic stone-ground white wheat a good amount (25%) of durum wheat, known to have a lower glicemic index, and also a smaller amount of whole-rye.  The resulting bread is an easy, versatile, and nourishing loaf (scroll-down for the method – anche in italiano).
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