Chickpea Lasagna With Pumpkin-Ricotta Filling

lasagne di panissa

Lasagne di panissa… it took me a while to figure out what they were. I once tasted something similar to panissa, farinata, which is a focaccia made with chickpea flour rather than regular flour and which is typical of a region called Liguria, situated on the North-West Italian coast. Although I have been to Liguria only twice, 1/4 of my genes comes from there (my grandma and all her family were from that region), so I feel kind of mellow when this region is involved. Not surprisingly, I am particularly attracted by Ligurian cuisine, which is mostly vegetarian, extremely simple AND delicious.

So… I could not skip the monthly edition of Quanti Modi Di Fare e Rifare, involving this time a version of panissa with broccoli and bechamel sauce, previously published by Nanocucina. I felt creative and decided to redo this recipe using a filling based on roasted pumpkin, ricotta and Parmesan. To say it was delicious is an understatement (scroll down for the complete method – anche in italiano!).
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