Polpettone Di Fagiolini: Ligurian-Style Tri-Layered Vegetable Meatloaf

polpettone ligure

This vegetarian timbale is inspired to a traditional Ligurian dish, polpettone di fagiolini, something I heard of the first time I went to Liguria – oh my, that was 20 years  ago! Enclosed between the Mediterranean sea, the Alps and the Apennines mountains, Liguria is a narrow strip of land which is breath taking to look at and also a true culinary minestone. Due to the region’s geography, in fact, Ligurians developed a diet based mostly on vegetables, fruit, herbs, the best olive oil ever (apologizing to Tuscans and Apulians), the little fish that the agitated Ligurian ocean allowed to fish and small animals like chickens and rabbits. Eggs of course, and cheese from the milk of goats and sheep kept on the nearby mountains, were also used to complement the mostly plant-based regimen. Grains were integrated and often substituted by legumes. Sometimes game from the nearby woods was also caught but that was a rare treat for common people.

La cucina povera ligure, the “poor” cuisine of old-time Ligurian folks, sounds indeed like the perfect Mediterranean diet. Which is not having pasta and pizza all day long, like some of us may think ;) It is instead a sustainable and healthy way of eating which we may want to consider before turning to more fashionable diets. After all, as many as we are, we may well think as we were old time Ligurians and had only a tiny strip of land to support ourselves.

Oh, and just so you know, from this post onward I will try to make this blog tri-lingual, adding Swedish to the potpourri of languages. To ease the reading, the Italian and Swedish versions will be placed in separate pages (hoping my Swedish is not too offensive to Swedish ears eyes). And now, enjoy this yummy vegetable meatloaf recipe, in which root vegetables and green beans are enriched by Parmesan and eggs to make a wonderful meat-free and low-carb main course (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPE IN ENGLISH – CLIKKA QUI per il post in italiano - KLICKA HÄR för svenska versionen).
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T’Amo Pio Farro: Variations On A Spelt Soup

zuppa di farro

I realize that it has been quite a while since I posted something other than bread. But, truly, saying I now live on bread and water is not a huge exaggeration.

Lately I grew out of some of the food I was eating before, like meat. And reduced considerably also all other sources of animal-based food, like milk, eggs, cheese and fish. You may now call me a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian. With vegan tendencies.

When I am not eating bread, then, I am most likely eating whole grains and legumes and as many fresh vegetables I manage to have at hand. Last week I made two delicious spelt-based soups which I now want to share with you – vegetarian or not (scroll-down for the recipes – anche in italiano!).
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