Whole-Grain Apple-Blueberry Spelt Sourdough with Chia Seeds

Blueberry Sourdough

Blueberry Sourdough

This post could easily be called “Ode to Farine”. There is so much about the person behind the bread blog Farine, our beloved MC, that I would like to say, that this post could easily become a poem. But since people reading are mostly interested in recipes and formulas, I will instead stick to this particular loaf, based on MC’s recipe (or “formula”, like bakers and bread nerds call it).

I have been longing to make this bread for a whole year and now that is August again, and blueberries are abundant, I finally resolved in making it. What is special about this loaf is the addition of fresh berries to the dough. And since blueberries can be on the tangy side, applesauce and dry milk are also added to the dough, thing I would never ever have thought of doing before MC beautiful article on Farine. This loaf is made for the most by spelt flour, which gives a particular consistency, taste, and color to the bread. And to complete the already fascinating combination, chia seeds are added, too. [Read more...]

It’s “semlor” time! Gluten-free Swedish rolls with marzipan and blueberry cream


Would you ever guess that this decadent sweet rolls are gluten-free? I surely wouldn’t, not even after having had one too many for myself…

I was immediately captivated when I saw some fluffy semlor in a brand new book on gluten-free baking. The book “baka glutenfritt” is by Karin Moberg – who has realized one of my dreams: opening a bakery having no previous experience of it – and is based on the recipes of Oscar Malevik, a professional baker.

For all the non-Swedish readers, semlor are a real institution in Sweden. They are available in bakeries (and supermarkets and 7-11) only once a year, just around February, and then they disappear. So you are not a real Swede if you don’t have at least one semla a year: minst en semla i säsong och kanske ännu hellre en i vecka. I made mine with a little extra color, adding blueberry juice to the cream. And of course I had to healtify them by substituting coconut palm sugar to regular sugar. A M A Z I N G (scroll down for the recipe/ricetta in italiano coming soon/hitta svenska grund recepten här).
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