Outrageously Chocolaty Gluten-Free Buns with Mascarpone Filling

choco GF buns

I am almost glad that few months ago I experienced some gluten sensitivity because that opened to me a universe of alternative baking which is so incredibly fascinating and new. These days I seem completely recovered from my food intolerance but my fascination is still there and I believe that prevention through a diet including also reduced gluten or gluten-free dishes  is the healthiest for us all.

This chocolate buns are my first attempt to put into reality a chocolaty inspiration which bugged me lately. The challenge is to include melted chocolate in the delicate dough of a gluten-free bun, adding to that also the further treat (and challenge) or a sweet creamy filling.

I am pretty happy with the outcome of this first try, but I know that I can reach even higher peaks of my dream GF chocolate heaven. While I think of and test further developments, you can try these lovely buns yourself. And if you come with ideas on how to improve them before me, please, keep me posted. GF baking is a learning process and a truly exciting one (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPE).

choco GF buns



120 g rice flour

120 g potato flour

80 g caster sugar

2 tablespoon physyllium husk

2 tablespoon fiber for baking (optional)

50 g fresh yeast (or 15 g dry yeast)

100 g water

120 g bittersweet chocolate

75 g butter



150 g mascarpone

100 g confectioner’s sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

choco GF buns


Combine the dry ingredients. Melt the butter with the chocolate and combine well. Dissolve the yeast in the water (lukewarm) and add it tho the dry ingredients together with all the liquid ingredients, including the chocolate-butter mixture. Incorporate well using your hands if needed. Make a ball, cover it, and place in the fridge for 15 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the filling. Take the ball out and make a rectangular log with the dough. Spread the filling on the dough and roll it lengthwise. Cut in 15-18 pieces and place them in muffin molds.  Cover with kitchen towel and let rest for 1 hour in a warm place (I used the top of the fridge). Bake at 225 degrees (Celsius) for 15 minutes.

choco GF buns

With this recipe I am glad to participate to the first edition of Panissimo, a biweekly event hosted by Sandra from Indovina chi viene a cena? and I.

And I will also send the buns to Susan for her incredible bread collection YeastSpotting.


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  1. You evil temptress! Don’t you know summer is coming?

  2. These are pure genius! What gorgeous little bundles of chocolate cheesy heaven! I am gobsmacked at how gorgeous they are and whether you are gluten free or not, these are to be admired, to be made at your soonest convenience and to be devoured with both hands over your favourite beverage of choice…what about adding a few spices to the recipe like some dried chilli flakes and serving them with a rich unctuous spicy chai latte? So many variations on this amazing theme! Thank you SO much for these spectacular little chocolately babies :)

  3. YUM! Oh my goodness these look good. The texture looks awesome as well.

  4. I have tried once to bake bread with chocolate (and cherries): it was not easy. You are really daring here!

  5. Wow! They look incredibly tasty! I’m drooling over these… The mascarpone filling together with the chocolate looks like a dream :-)

  6. I’m so impressed.. you’ve already made them perfectly fine, I don’t think I would change a thing! And I love the photographs with the melting chocolate everywhere, it makes them so tempting!! xx

  7. mannaggia Barbara, io il mascarpone me lo sogno la notte, lo metto anche sulle patate fritte a momenti…. ma così, così non si puo’, troppo TENTAZIONE!!!
    Notte topina!

  8. Buonissimi questi! Mouthwatering delicacies.. and they look beautiful too! My husband would love them to bits, he is a real chocoholic!

  9. Eek! Tag your food porn, Barbara! ;)


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