Dates And Figs Winter Rolls With Spelt

This month’s theme for Bread Baking Day, hosted by my friend Stephanie, is overnight recipes. Bread recipes in which the dough rests a whole night. So I immediately thought about my “discards” overnight spelt buns, which I came up with while preparing for another bread recipe and did not want to throw away my bubbling sourdough.

They involve no kneading and use precisely the amount of sourdough one generally has at hand when making the regular feedings. Since winter is almost here, I added dried figs and dates to the whole-spelt dough. Seriously yummy stuff (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPE).


you need: 

-185 g mature 100% sourdough starter

-300 g organic bread flour

-100 g organic whole spelt flour

-300 g water

-1 teaspoon marine salt

-½ teaspoon malt syrup

-75 g organic dried figs, chopped

-75 g organic dried dates, chopped

-water, spelt bran, and chia seeds to top the buns

how to:

-combine all the ingredients with a spoon and then by hand, without kneading

-let rest, covered, at room temperature for a hour, making folds every half hour

-transfer in the fridge and let rest overnight

-in the morning, take the dough out of the fridge and let rest at room temperature for 2 and 1/2 h making folds after the first 50 and 100 minutes.

-shape into assorted buns

-go fishing (I went to the park with my family) and let the buns rest, covered, for 2 and 1/2 h

-brush the buns with water and sprinkle with spelt bran or chia seeds if you like

-bake at 250 degrees (Celsius, 480 Fahrenheit) for 12-15 minutes then bake for further 12-15 minutes at lower temperature

CONSIDERATIONS: Letting bread rest overnight is very practical, especially if you want to bake on a Sunday afternoon. By mixing the ingredients and making a couple of folds the night before, very little remains to do the baking day and one can have a regular Sunday with family and friends rather than baby-sitting the dough all day long :) Definitely a technique I will use often. Thank you Stephanie for the interesting theme! And many thanks also to the generous Ninivepisces who reminded me of this event with her lovely chocolate buns.

This goes to YeastSpotting.

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  1. I love bread made with this kind of method. The crumb of these buns look fantastic, nice job!

  2. Ho abbandonato da un po’ il pane senza impasto e ancora mi chiedo perchè! Qui arriva un profumino…Sono meravigliosi i tuoi panini :) Un bacione, buona giornata

    P.S: grazie per la ciambella, sono felicissima :D SMACK

  3. Bellissimi questi panini! Sai che ho adottato la tua idea delle castagne nel pane? Pero’ non ho fatto foto e quindi devo rifare. La prossima volta copio l’idea dei pezzi di datteri :)

    • che bello che hai fatto il pane con le castagne! mi raccomando fotografalo la prossima volta (mi piace tanto poter confrontare diverse versioni della stessa ricetta).

  4. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH Barbara, il pane con i datteri!!!!!
    chissà che buono!!!! quanta neve da voi?
    un abbraccio grosso tesoro!

  5. I’m drooling!!!

  6. questo pane è bellissimo! le lievitazioni lunghe per il pane sono le migliori, pieghe e poi frigo è perfetto!
    p.s. la mmf la usi come la pasta di zucchero a me piace molto è più mlaleabile..ciaooo

  7. how nice to have helped inspire such lovely rolls… What are chia seeds?

    • my pleasure. chia seeds are one of the new superfoods of these days. you find them in health stores and are a great addition (they are packed with omega-3) to oatmeal and bread.

  8. beautiful shots senorita. and what lovely little rolls. this post is pretty astounding.

  9. lol. i love that one of the ‘required’ steps i this bread is to ‘go fishing’ :)

  10. bellissimi questi panini!! Questi me li mangerei per merenda. Adoro sia i datteri che i fichi. Un pane davvero nutriente e gustoso. Brava! Buon weekend X

  11. Yet another mouthwatering bread recipe… You’re amazing… :-)

  12. I will so make it. i hope mine will look as amazing as yours. I love the look and I can imagine how nicely it smelled.

  13. Che bonta’! I want one! Can you send it my way??

  14. *Eyes bulges*…

    That crumb… I apologize. I didn’t mean to drool here.

  15. Seedy bread rolls are my favourite!! I miss the great variety of Scandinavian bread rolls. I love seeds and I always keep several bags in my kitchen. What a practical idea to let the dough rest in the fridge overnight…the perfect Sunday breakfast!!

  16. Whole spelt and fruits – that sounds like the perfect breakfast roll to me! I will try these for sure!

  17. The rolls look wonderful and sound great the with dates and figs added.

  18. These winter spelt rolls look bakery perfect!

  19. we already know you are a gifted baker.. i just wanted to praise your photography skills :-)

  20. So gorgeous!!!

  21. These buns are the answer to a question I did not know I had!!! Thank you. My dough is out of the fridge this morning, awaiting it’s first folding after 50 min… I replaced the bread dough with GF FLOUR AND KEPT THE SPELT. IT LOOKS FINE SO FAR. I WILL REPORT THE RESULTS. How many roll does the dough yield, give and take??


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