Lazy Almond Bread With Durum

I know… snow should be enjoyed by being outdoors and making the best out of it. No way. This year snow means to me feeling cozy and lazy at home. Mostly due to the lack of spare time (rather than inspiration) I have not baked much either. And my sourdough is sleeping in the cold too (safe and well-fed in our fridge).

Today I baked a lazy bread. Just threw all the ingredients in my kitchen machine, let all rest for the night, threw the fermented dough in a rising basket for 2 hours, and baked. The smell of roasted almonds was all over the place. Cozy. Perfect.


You need: 500 g water, 550 g bread flour, 200 g durum wheat flour, 100 g almonds, 20 g salt, 10 g fresh yeast.

How to: mix all the ingredients together except the almonds in a mixer bowl and knead with a dough hook for 15 minutes at medium/low speed. Add the almonds and mix for further 5 minutes. Let rest for the night in the fridge, covered with plastic foil. In the morning, place the dough in a rising basket and let rise, loosely covered with plastic foil and in a plastic bag, for 2 hours. Transfer on a hot baking dish or stone and bake for 50 minutes, the first 20 minutes at 250 degrees and the rest at 190. Use steam if you like a crusty crust.  

CONSIDERATIONS: Being someone who takes bread baking seriously, I have been quite disinclined to try easy looking methods. This particular one comes from Baka, a fairly new Swedish magazine on baking, with beautiful pictures and interesting articles. But the recipes? I often find them too scant when it comes to details -thing which can lead to catastrofic results in the kitchen. This time I tried to trust them but… they wrote to bake the bread for 45 minutes at 250 degrees. Right: my loaf was almost burned after 25 minutes. So I lowered the temperature and it was ok. What if I did not check? Fire in my kitchen? Oh the wonderful food magazines…

Anyway, the bread was good. The almonds really made a difference and felt like something new to the palate. The use of durum wheat and the long kneading time made a very compact crumb, which was delish with a little butter. With my fix to the baking time and temperature this is a good method for some serious comfort bread on a very lazy day. Yawn… I think the almonds just made me more sleepy. Goodnight!

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  1. Now I know what to make my sour into today. It needs to come out and play and this is just perfect.

  2. Barbara,
    Have you used Amaranth or Spelt flours with your sour dough culture?
    I bought a bunch of different flours to play with and thought you may have some words of wisdom.
    Glad you are blogging again, missed you!

    • actually I have been pretty boring with my sourdough. I have only fed it with stone-ground organic bread flour, giving her a boost of whole grain rye when she was looking weak. I have used spelt to make sourdough bread (look at my older posts) and it worked just fine. Missed you too!!!

  3. Devo ancora capire cos’e` il Durum ma il pane e` stupendo…..

  4. gorgeous bread, and the less effort the better, in my time deprived kitchen!

  5. Sta volta ci sono riuscita! :)
    bellissimo questo pane! Buon fine settimana! ciao

  6. Ho sempre un po’ di difficoltà a tradurre..l’inglese non è il mio forte :-) Ma
    questa pagnotta con le mandorle è meravigliosa in tutte le lingue!
    Un caro saluto!

  7. Ciao Barbara, ti rispondo qui per il pane in cassetta. Ho fatto impastare sicuramente più di 15 minuti ma poi la vedi quando la pasta diventa lucida, non troppo o per nulla appiccicosa ma elastica, che si avvolge sul gancio… è pronta. Ma hai lievito madre o liquido? Quello liquido, o licoli non è per nulla acido ed è ottimo per preparare tante cose, anche i panettoni :)
    Buona serata :-)

  8. Adoro tutto ciò che è con le mandorle, dal dolce al salato. Questo pane dev’essere buonissimo. E’ bellissima la forma che prende lievitando nel cestino, devo decidermi a comprarlo anch’io :) Buona giornata, a presto

    P.S. l’ammoniaca nei biscotti puoi sostituirla con un cucchiaino di lievito per dolci. Il risultato non sarà esattamente lo stesso (un po’ meno inzupposi e friabili) ma ugualmente buoni.

  9. Oh, My! As I whole-heartedly relate to your comment about taking bread baking seriously, I can’t help to breath a big sigh of relief knowing you saved this beauty from a sure perish in the hot oven. What an amazing bread it is. My gluten-free resolve is getting weaker by the minute.

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